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3 Trends that are All Set to Transform the Tyre Industry
3 Trends that are All Set to Transform the Tyre Industry

3 Trends that are All Set to Transform the Tyre Industry

3 Trends that are All Set to Transform the Tyre Industry

Change is what remains always constant when it comes to the rapidly changing modern technology. Today, be it tyre manufacturing or any other industry, new trends are taking place with each passing year.

Like other industries, the expectations of customers in all segments of tire are also increasing and this phenomenon has led each tire manufacturers company in India to rethink and restructure their business model so that they can come up with a new range of products to live up to the growing expectations of the customers. 

As a result, each tyre manufacturers company in India is trying to assimilate new tire manufacturing technologies. Some new trends in the tire industry are amazing as well as intriguing and prove how tire makers across the globe are resorting to new-age technologies and digitalization to make fully customized products as per the expectations of their customers. 

This radical transformation driven by growing digitalization is, by all means, a game-changing aspect not only from the manufacturers’ point of view but also from how customers the world over are going to perceive, and buy tyres online India in the times to come. 

This post sheds light on some of the hottest and most happening trends that are anticipated to reshape the future of tyre manufacturing both in India and across the globe:

1. Radialization

It was the year 1946 when the revolutionary concept of radialization of tires was first patented and commercialized. It is still considered one of the breakthroughs in the history of the global tire industry.

Just after the commercialization, the popularity of radial tires started growing and each leading tire manufacturers company in India also took note of the same. Some of the prominent reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of radial tyres are stated below:

  • A strong tread safeguards the interior of the tire and makes sure it has a powerful grip on the road.
  • Radial tyres are designed and manufactured to offer increased durability and better maneuverability.
  • The tyre has steel belts that provide the tread with ample stiffness
  • The spiral layer in the tyre also contributes to improved maneuverability and higher durability.
  • An extra strong thick shoulder that safeguards the interior from common shocks and everyday damages
  • An extremely flexible sidewall that offers not only protection to the interiors but also ensures a comfortable ride
  • The tire has a ply cord that acts as the body of the tyre and holds the pressure of inflation while withstanding everyday road and load shocks 
  • Special bead wires that help the rim to grip the tire more firmly
  • The tire also has a chafer that gives protection to the ply cord from the heat resulting from the bead and rim flange rubbing.
  • The tire also supports the vehicle in consuming a lesser amount of fuel encouraging more economy and smoother rides. 

This revolutionary technology adopted by the leading tyre manufacturers company in India offers various advantages. It extends support in preserving the natural resources as well as the entire ecosystem and meets the needs of contemporary customers who prefer to buy tires online India. 

Today, radial tires are not considered to be a luxury but a necessity in all passenger vehicles. Around 97% of passenger vehicles these days have radial tires and approximately 60% of commercial vehicles are also running on them. All the vehicles in the commercial category are moving fast to the radial versions of tires.  

2. Product-as-a-service – a new business model

From the point of view of the manufacturers, tires are not just tires but are being sold product- as-a-service. Until now, customers used to buy tires online India by paying a one-time price to the dealers and became the owner of those particular pairs of tires. But, when it comes to product-as-a-service, things are quite different.

The manufacturers have started selling kilometers, not tires. In this new trend or business model of the tire industry, it is the company that remains the owner of the product and customers pay for what they use. 

Product-as-a-service has benefitted the owners of the large fleet of vehicles in the following ways:

  • They have to pay for only what they use either per kilometer or per month 
  • The responsibility for maintenance is taken by the company 
  • No use, no charges

In this business model, technology plays a pivotal role between the company and the user as a huge amount of data concerning the total usages and maintenance related issues is required for authentications and verifications. Well, all this is carried out through the application of RFID-based technology. The chip that makes use of radio frequency identification technology makes all the data-sharing possible. 

3. Smart tires

After smart cars, we have entered the age of smart tires made and supplied the leading tire manufacturers company in India. Smart tires not only can communicate with the driver but also can sense the loss of air by themselves and shoot a warning before the condition gets serious. Smart tires can be defined as the tires that come equipped with powerful sensors to measure various significant parameters such as:

  • The pressure of air in the tire
  • Tread depth 
  • Temperature
  • Any kind of friction or corrosion.  

What’s more, a smart tire can also inform the drivers about unfavorable road and tire conditions so that they can do the needful as early as possible. These days, a leading tire manufacturers company in India has started manufacturing IoT-enabled super-intelligent tires that have become the hot favorite of buyers across the country and the globe as well. 

Concluding Remarks 

The range of super-smart tires made and supplied by the reputed tyre manufacturers company in India has not only eased the business of drivers but also taken the careful management of the tires to the next level.  

This seamless connectivity between the digital and physical aspects has brought a great positive impact on the overall quality, durability, and reliability of the tires. In the times to come, smart tires would be an integral part of all types of vehicles. Such tyres will also prove immensely helpful when it comes to actualizing the dream of self-driving cars.  

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