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4 Crucial Elements Associated with Better Tire Handling
4 Crucial Elements Associated with Better Tire Handling

4 Crucial Elements Associated with Better Tire Handling

Facets and Phases of the Tyre Manufacturing Industry in India

Your tires keep rolling and rolling until they meet their last while providing you with the best of drives and pleasant touring memories. Over time, all types of tires wear out, but there are vehicle owners who either knowingly or unknowingly make the lifespan of their tires short and even compromising to a large extent. Just like other parts of your vehicles, tire also need proper handling and care to provide you with better performance and safer drives. 

Before we go deeper into the handling-related aspects associated with tires, we should understand their functions in a vehicle. Some of the primary functions of a tire made and supplied by the top tire company in India include the following:

  • To carry the load of a vehicle, be it a cycle, motorcycle, three-wheeler, or even a four-wheeler
  • To provide the vehicle with the required support against road irregularities while eliminating the noise
  • To provide the driver or rider with sufficient traction for the required acceleration
  • To provide the vehicle with outstanding braking ability
  • To provide the driver with sufficient steering control when the vehicle is running at high speeds
  • To help the drivers in changing and maintaining directions
  • To release accelerating and braking force to the ground when needed, and
  • To absorb shock from the road surface, etc. 

This blog is an attempt to shed light on some crucial aspects associated with the proper handling of your tires in the following points:

  1. Geometry, weight distribution, steering axle, and stability control

Proper handling of tires involves some complex things depending upon:

  • The overall geometry of the vehicle and its weight distribution arrangement
  • The elements involved in ground contact including suspension, tires, and steering
  • Steering axle and stability control, which are parts of the driving assistance systems.

The tires made and supplied by the best tire manufacturers in India play a pivotal role in road holding because they are the only medium that ensures transmission between the vehicle and the ground for trajectory maintenance as defined by the driver. Apart from it, climatic conditions such as wet ground and dry ground also play a very important role in the handling of tires. A driver must be very particular about the climatic conditions in which he or she drives the vehicle.

  1. Varying temperatures can affect inflation pressure drastically 

Keeping a close eye upon the pressure is an important part of proper tire handling. Under or over-inflated tires are always prone to be compromising on overall performance apart from other issues that can cause the drivers to be stranded on the roadside. Best tire manufacturers in India and anywhere in the world always suggest vehicle owners follow the pressure-related guidelines as described in their user manual. Before you take up any long trip, checking the tire pressure with a high-quality gauge is necessary.  

To see your tires always in top condition and performing excellently, you must stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. One most important thing to remember before you check the tire pressure is that you must give them some time to get cooled so that you can get the most accurate pressure reading. In case you live in an area where temperatures are highly unpredictable, then you need to perform the pressure checking activity more than you do in general. Varying temperatures can have a drastic impact on the inflation pressure of your tires. 

  1. Be more careful when tires are flat or near-flat  

Be it a cycle, motorcycle or three-wheeler, if you inspect your tires visually, you will easily find an indication of how flattened they have become. No vehicle owner wants to change the tire just after observing a little bit of flatness in them as all want maximum durability to get the best value for money from them. But you must remember that any type of tire made and supplied even by the top tyre wholesalers wears out while providing you with great drives every day. 

So, when your tires start showing some flatness, you need to have a spare tire in tip-top condition. Careful drivers keep a piece of spare tire always with them particularly before going on to the long drives. While starting your journey, make sure the spare tire is properly inflated and well-groomed on all parameters. 

And, be honest to yourself keeping in view the fact that no tire can deny you a drive until it wears out completely. Driving any vehicle with fully flat tires is never recommendable as it can wreak havoc not only on your vehicle but also on you. In case you feel that the tire in your vehicle needs a replacement, then just do the needful immediately.     

  1. Alignment checking at regular intervals

Alignment checking, also suggested by the best tyre manufacturers is a very important element of better tire handling. You will be surprised to know that even a smaller pothole can cause irreparable harm to the alignment of your vehicle resulting in a very negative ripple effect on the tires. And what’s more, any issue in wheel alignment is something that can never be detected easily until it is inspected by a skilled mechanic. 

Therefore, if at any point you feel and experience that you are losing even a little bit of control on the steering wheel or it is giving a shaky impression or you feel that the vehicle seems to be pulling in a particular direction, then it’s high time to go for wheel alignment without any delay. Proper and timely wheel alignment provides a large number of benefits apart from helping your tire wear out evenly as well as increasing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. 

Concluding Remarks 

Metro Tyres is one of the best tyre manufacturers in India treading the high road of excellence and exponential growth for nearly five decades. The company has always been a widely acknowledged and undisputed market leader in various segments of high-quality tires both in India and abroad. Competitive pricing, constant innovation, world-class manufacturing infrastructure, in-depth understanding of the dynamism of the markets, and extreme quality consciousness are what empower the company.

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