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5 Symptoms that Suggest an Immediate Bike Tire Replacement
5 Symptoms that Suggest an Immediate Bike Tire Replacement

5 Symptoms that Suggest an Immediate Bike Tire Replacement

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Bikes and motorcycles are an inseparable part of India’s transport system. All individuals who want to escape from India’s horrific traffic chaos to reach their destination without spending much time always opt for riding a two-wheeler. Avoiding public transport is also one of the prominent reasons why millions of people ride bikes equipped with the best tires made and supplied by the top tire manufacturer in India. After the launch of various bike taxi services in India, the popularity of motorcycles is growing very rapidly, particularly among office goers.

Like other means of transport such as buses and cars, tires are an important part of motorcycles and they have a crucial role to play in a smooth, stable, safe, and comfortable ride. The lifespan of a bike’s tire is influenced by the following factors:

  • Driving style
  • Road conditions
  • Driver’s skillfulness and general awareness, and
  • The nature of the terrains on which the bike is made to run.

All types of tires require regular attention and inspection of the rider for offering optimum efficiency and safer rides. So many times, replacing a tire timely proves to be a prudent and farsighted decision for both the vehicle as well as its owners. This blog attempts to shed light on the signs and symptoms that indicate you need an immediate replacement of your bike tires

  1. External and internal damages

As tires are the only medium of contact between you and the road, they must not be used in a damaged or flat state. Damaged tires might pose a serious threat to your safety. Damages to tires are of two types – reparable and irreparable. Stated below are some examples of the most common irreparable tire damages: 


In case you observe any deep cut or puncture in your tire, then it would be considered irreparable by your mechanic. He would suggest you buy bike tires manufactured by the top tire manufacturer in India. 

Internal damage

So many times, any deep puncture can severely damage the internal structure of the tire that might result in the easy escape of the air pressure inside. This condition lets the damage get graver resulting in a sudden blowout or tread separation. In this condition also, you need a brand new tire made and supplied by the top tire manufacturer in India.

Sidewall puncture

Sidewalls are a crucial part of the tire structure and they are responsible for ensuring the following:

  • Prevention of the air escape 
  • Lateral stability, and
  • Protection of the body plies.

Any deep cut or puncture on the tire sidewalls is not considered to be repairable at all. In that state, you need to buy bike tires manufactured by any leading tire manufacturer in India.  

  1. The degree of the wear

The worn-out tires also need an immediate replacement as there is no scope for any repair in them. Riding a motorcycle on a worn-out tire might be a dangerous on-road adventure that no one should try at all. Checking a worn-out tire is not rocket science as it can be done using a depth gauge. A tread wear indicator (TWI) is another way to look into tire wear. It’s a kind of small projection created to provide a visual indication of the gravity of wear in the tire tread.

If you buy bike tires from any reputed tire manufacturer in India, you will be provided with tire wear indicators so that you can identify the worn areas easily. In case the degree of wear has gone to 1.6 mm, then it’s high time to replace your tire.

  1. Uneven tread wear

Around 80% of bike riders in the country put more stress on the tires than they are built to endure. When any tire is put under additional stress, a phenomenon called uneven tire wear emerges. It’s a condition wherein the tire tread in the central part gets worn out. Some of the mechanical reasons behind this include:

  • Transmission
  • Worn out shock absorbers, and
  • Fixings.

So many times, balancing issues are also behind uneven tread wear. This problem can be resolved by a wheel balancing job at regular intervals. Experts are of the view that wheel balancing can be adjusted by a qualified mechanic after every 6 months.

Moreover, riding the bike with inappropriate pressure in the tire can also be the cause behind uneven tread wear. This condition not only makes the handling of and control over the vehicle difficult but also badly affects the grip properties of the tire, making it mandatory to buy bike tires made and supplied by the top tire manufacturer in India.

  1. Scalping – an unevenly front tire wear

Scalping is the most common sign that indicates you need a brand new tire manufactured by any top tire manufacturer in India. Scalping or cupping is when the bike’s front tire is worn unevenly. As for reasons behind scalping or cupping, poor suspension is one of the primary ones.

Therefore, if your front bike tire is showing any symptom of scalping or cupping, you must immediately go not only for the suspension check-up but also for a brand new tire made and supplied by any leading tire manufacturer in India.    

  1. Tire aging

All types of tires manufactured and supplied by the top tire manufacturer in India come with a specific lifespan. Usually, their lifespan is of 10 years but it is subject to various factors that include the terrain, driving style, weather and climatic conditions, overall handling, and degree or intensity of use. Experts are of the view that an averagely used bike tire must be replaced after every 5 years.

Concluding Remarks 

Metro Tyres is a leading tire manufacturer in India. Treading the high road of excellence and exponential growth for nearly five decades, the company has emerged as the most reliable name in its niche segment of bicycle tires and tubes. It is a USD 140 Million conglomerate with 7 state-of-the-art manufacturing units, presence across 53+ countries, and 10,000+ dealers strength across India.

In-depth understanding of the contemporary tire market, perseverance, values, steadfast performance, extreme quality consciousness, and competitive pricing are the factors that power this dynamic corporation.

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