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5 Tips Before You Embark Upon a Long-distance Bike Trip
5 Tips Before You Embark Upon a Long-distance Bike Trip

5 Tips Before You Embark Upon a Long-distance Bike Trip

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For all biking enthusiasts, bike riding has always been a perfect escape from the daily mundane moments caused by hectic schedules and overburdened life. Most people love and admire bike riding as their hobby, but some seek adventure in bike riding.

Adventurous bike riding not only leads us to find and explore vast landscapes but also thrills us from inside. And, in the center of all these things is a bike equipped with accessories and tires made and supplied by the top tire manufacturers company in India.

Any long-distance trip would be considered incomplete and makeshift if there is no solid planning behind it. As a biker, you have to be very particular about a few certain things that are of immense significance during your adventure. This blog attempts to prepare you well before you begin your bike riding trip. Just go through the following to get enlightened:

1. A comprehensive bike insurance policy

As a biking enthusiast, you love and adore your bike more than anything else. Most people buy their bikes after comprehensive research, planning, and budgeting. Some people even remain very specific about the tires and source them from the best tire brands in India.

Therefore, the safety of your bike and your pocket must be your priority.  Before you begin your long-distance bike trip, you should make sure to have a comprehensive bike insurance policy. Getting your bike insured will provide you with a more thrilling and enjoyable trip.  

A comprehensive bike insurance policy will cover you with the following: 

  • Any damages caused by natural calamities 
  • Any accidental damage to your bike 
  • Coverage against any theft, loss, and damage.


2. Double-check your tire pressure

Appropriate tire pressure is one of the most important prerequisites for a pleasant and joyful long-distance bike trip. Almost all the reputed tire brands in India mention the air pressure parameters in their user manual which you can go through once before starting your trip.

Appropriate air pressure in the tire not only provides you with a secured and joyful drive but also helps you have better control over the bike. A tire always needs appropriate air pressure to give a better grip on the road and reduced wear and tear.  

Therefore, proper inflation recommended by the manufacturer is an unavoidable necessity for: 

  • Better traction and control over the vehicle
  • Improved performance and enhanced tire life
  • Lesser wear and tear
  • Better precision in overall handling
  • Better mileage leading to reduced running cost, and
  • Comfortable and enjoyable rides.  


3. Map out the destination to be traveled to 

Be it your first ever long-distance bike ride or the hundredth one, you must have thorough knowledge about the destination to be traveled to. Just map the destination out and check the following:

  • Weather conditions of the region you are going to ride in
  • The conditions of the roads out there
  • The status of hotels as well as medical facilities
  • The best routes to approach
  • The situation of law and order in that region.  

Only a well-planned bike trip on the bike equipped with tires made by the best tyre brands in india can provide you with all the desired fun, frolic, and a feel for adventure. And, in the age of the internet and information technology, no travel destination is unexplored and unreached. You can grab all the above information from the following sources:

  • Wikitravel Articles
  • Posts by travel bloggers
  • Emailing to travel bloggers
  • Videos on Youtube
  • Ask about it on Reddit
  • Local news sources
  • Documentaries
  • Hashtags on social media
  • Someone you know who has been there. 


4. Necessary tools and spare tire

Making sure that you have some necessary tools and a spare tire with yourself is necessary before you embark upon an adventurous bike trip. There is no such law in the country that states each new bike must be fitted with a tire made and supplied by the best tire manufacturers company in India. But as a bike enthusiast, you must have some tools along with a spare tire in the trunk for sure. These will provide you with valuable temporary help until you get to a professional mechanic.  

When it comes to the spare tire for your bike, you can get the one both online and offline exactly as per your requirements. These days almost all the best tire brands in India have started making customized tires, especially for adventurous rides. Through the destination research, you already have an idea of how your drive is going to be, so arrange the tire accordingly.   

5. Safety gears

Safety must be your top priority before you begin your adventure trip on the bike equipped with the tires made and supplied by the top tyres distributors. Some of the most prominent safety gears that you should arrange include the following:

6. Helmet 

High-quality helmets are considered to be the lifeline of all bikers, especially adventure bikers. You must wear a helmet as it will not only protect you from serious head injuries in case of any mishap on road but also provide you with fail-proof safety from environmental dust and wind. While choosing a helmet, you must be very particular about its size. It should neither be too tight or too loose. These days, some companies have also started manufacturing modular helmets to better meet the safety requirements of adventure bikers. 

Riding Jacket, elbow and knee guard, face mask, gloves, sunglasses, and mobile mount are some other important safety gears that you must have.  

Concluding Remarks 

Metro Tyres is one of the best tire brands in India manufacturing and supplying a wide range of high-performance tires. For the past 50 years, Metro Tyres has been a market-leading, widely acknowledged tire manufacturer in the country. 

Deploying ever-evolving, top-of-the-line technology and using the finest quality raw materials procured from the best of sources globally, the company has developed a phenomenal capacity to manufacture and supply more than 30 million tires and 30 million tubes annually. Mastering its niche market at home, the company has expanded globally as a leading maker of the best-in-class tires and tubes for motorcycles, scooters, and three-wheelers. 

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