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6 Proven Tips to Improve the Lifespan of Your Tubeless Tyres
6 Proven Tips to Improve the Lifespan of Your Tubeless Tyres

6 Proven Tips to Improve the Lifespan of Your Tubeless Tyres

Proven Tips to Improve the Lifespan of Your Tubeless Tyres

Three-wheelers, both as passenger and commercial vehicles, have been popular in India for many decades. These vehicles are well-known for their power-packed performance, compact size, incredible flexibility, and low turning radius. One of the most amazing aspects associated with them is frugal operating costs.

All these characteristics make them extremely popular among both owners and users/passengers. Three-wheelers in India especially in the metro and mini metro cities have offered employment to millions of people while nurturing micro-enterprises like no other.

Just like the conventional two-wheelers and commuter entry-level cars, three-wheelers play a great role by facilitating mobility in the economy of any country. They are considered to be the last-mile mobility solutions that not only transport people but also commercial and utility goods. This post is an attempt to provide some practically proven tips to make the most of three-wheelers while maintaining them for longer life and safe drives:

Drive always at the permitted and recommended speeds

As a three-wheeler owner, you must understand the fact that the mechanism of a three-wheeler’s engine is such that it requires a sufficient warm-up before it reaches its highest speed. Therefore, it is always a great idea to give your vehicle sufficient time for the necessary warm-up process. Driving always at the permitted and recommended speeds not only prolongs the life of your vehicle but also the tires which are an important component of it. In India, the recommended speed for all three-wheelers is 35 to 40 km/h.

Almost all the best radial tyres manufacturers in India also advise their customers through their product manual to drive three-wheelers within the above-said speeds only. Over speeding is what affects the tires as well as the engine of your vehicle most.

Check tire pressure at regular intervals

Be it a 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, or a car, appropriate tire pressure is one of the most important aspects associated with all types of vehicles. Appropriate tire pressure has a direct connection with the control, maneuverability, mileage, and smoothness of the drive. Apart from it, the safety of the driver is also a serious concern linked to tire pressure.  An inadequate amount of air pressure in tires may result in serious consequences while driving.

According to the best tubeless tyres manufacturers in India, all three-wheeler owners must have the optimum amount of tire pressure not only for better mileage and safety but also for great performance and smooth rides. Proper or recommended tire pressure helps prevent accelerated wear that ultimately leads to premature replacement of tires involving a handsome amount of money. If you drive your vehicle on under-inflated tires, there will be a generation of excessive heat in the vehicle that can damage the tire to the point of sudden failure posing a serious security threat.

Go for the periodic checking of the braking system

The braking system is one of the most important aspects associated with the safety of any vehicle including three-wheelers. You should go for braking system checking at regular intervals. Various times, the accumulation of dirt and dust takes place in the braking zone preventing it from performing the required functioning. Also, ensure that the braking system always has sufficient braking fluids.

The braking performance of your three-wheeler also has a strong connection with the tires. The compounds and tread pattern play a decisive role in how efficiently the braking system of your vehicle will work when needed. There are two types of compounds – soft and hard. Be very particular to have a perfect balance between the two for better efficiency of the braking system while you buy tire online in India or approach any local dealer to meet your need.

Inspect engine oil regularly

Proper lubrication of the engine is necessary for any three-wheeler because the functioning of the engine to a large extent depends upon the oiling of the engine. Therefore, always ensure that you have the recommended levels of the engine oil. One most commonly seen and observed practice among three-wheeler owners is that they get carried away by low-priced and so-called cheap engine oils, and unknowingly harm their engines which in turn increases the vehicle’s overall maintenance cost.

Replace tires as and when required

Insufficient oiling directly affects the efficiency of the engine just like the makeshift tires do. Regardless of how good an engine you might have, if the tires of your three-wheeler are not in good condition, the vehicle will never perform as per the expectations. Therefore, the best tire manufacturers in India always advise their customers to replace tires as and when required because they have a direct connection with the efficiency of the engine.

In most cases, and as per the recommendations of the original manufacturers of the three-wheelers, 2T oil is the most suitable option for your engine. High-quality 2T oil helps the engine in the following ways:

  • It gives the engine an easier and quicker start
  • It cleans the engine as per the requirement
  • It helps in low maintenance
  • It lowers down the deposit formation
  • It prevents rusting and the fouling of spark plug.

Keep your vehicle always in good condition

Therefore, keeping in view the same, you should always go for the best quality 2T oil for keeping the engine properly lubricated. By keeping in mind all the above-mentioned tips, you not only can keep your vehicle always in good condition but also make the most of it. Maintaining your vehicle, will not only ensure dependable and safer drives but also avoid chances of breaking down the value while you make up your mind to put it on sale.

The Bottom Line

With a presence across 53 countries worldwide, Metro Tyres is one of the best tire manufacturers in India. The company is highly regarded as the manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of tires for different vehicles that include Bicycle Tyres, MTB Bicycle Tyres, BMX Bicycle Tyres, City Bicycle Tyres, Automobile, and Motor Cycle Tyres.

The company has a technical collaboration with Germany’s tire giant Continental AG, which has capacitated Metro Tyres to manufacture the best-in-class products while helping consolidate its position as a leader in the Indian tire industry. The company offers its entire range of products both offline and online.

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