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7 Ways to Ensure better Tire Care, Safety, and Performance
7 Ways to Ensure better Tire Care, Safety, and Performance

7 Ways to Ensure better Tire Care, Safety, and Performance

7 Ways to Ensure better Tire Care, Safety, and Performance

Be it ordinary cycle tires or a hi-end motorcycle tire, proper tire care plays an important role not only in maximizing their overall performance but also in increasing their life span. Since tires are the only medium of contact between you and the road, they must be taken care of well so that you can have better safety and a great mobility experience every time you take your vehicle on the road. 

In this blog, you will learn all the tips and tricks using which you will be able to:

  • Take the better care of your tires
  • Enhance their overall performance
  • Make yourself safe during each drive
  • Examine the tire pressure, tread path, consistency
  • Know when your tires need servicing
  • Get insights into what is happening with them after each drive. 

Here we go:

1. Maintenance of proper inflation pressure is of immense significance

If you want the best performance, safety, and fuel economy from your tires, then you need to check the pressure regularly while making sure that the pressure is maintained as per the manual norms provided by the best bike tire company in India. You should check the pressure of your tire at least twice a month, and the right time to check is when they are in a cool state and the vehicle is not on the move. As for recommended levels of the pressure, you can get them on the vehicle placard.

When the tires are not inflated as per the recommended inflation pressure, the condition is considered to be under-inflation. Under-inflation is one of the most prominent causes behind the serious tire damages, and sometimes due to this, your tires can develop various smaller holes through which the air pressure gets released. Under-inflation also causes the following issues:

  • It reduces overall load capacity
  • Can be the cause of excessive sidewall flexing
  • Increases rolling resistance
  • Double up the heat and mechanical damages
  • Increases stiffness that results in an uncontrollable driving experience
  • Generates unwanted vehicle vibration resulting in severe impact damage.


2. Conduct visual inspection from time to time

By spending money, you might buy even the priciest set of tires manufactured by the best two-wheeler tyre company in India, but in the absence of proper care, you cannot make the most of them. Visual inspection from time to time is what can help you a lot in keeping your tires in the pink of condition always. It means that through visual inspection you can keep a close watch upon what is damaging your tires and what needs your attention. You can very easily remove nails and stones embedded into the tire and check them from doing further harms.   


3. Analyze the tread depth 

Analyzing the tread depth is one of the best ways to ensure your safety and overall driving experience with them. If your tires do not have appropriate tread depth, the wheels will not have a better grip on the road. One of the most important benefits of measuring the tread depth is that you can have an idea about when your wheel might need a balancing or complete replacement. 


4. Don’t spin your tires excessively

Excessive spinning is one of the most common practices among vehicle owners. They keep spinning when their vehicle is stuck in mud, snow, ice, or sand. Excessive spinning results in the overheating of the tires and does irreparable harm to them. Therefore, while freeing your vehicle, always use mild backward and forward rocking motion. Even the best bike tire company in India cannot give a guarantee against the excessive spinning of tires. 


5. Don’t try mounting at your own

Improper and makeshift mounting can result in the explosion of the tire or huge damage even in the entire rim assembly. It happens when you try to do the mounting of your tires on your own. While mounting the tires, you need to remember the instructions prescribed by the hi-end motorcycle tire manufacturers. You need to match the diameter of your tire to the rim diameter. This is one of the issues that can be handled only by trained persons. 


6. Identify the driving conditions 

Be it cycle tires or hi end motorcycle tire, identifying road conditions and driving your vehicle accordingly plays an important role in keeping your tires safe and making your drive enjoyable. If the road you are driving on is even and full of pieces of rocks and bricks, your tire will suffer a lot. If the conditions are watery and the roads are replete with mud, you have to be very careful because such conditions are not only unfavorable for driving but also they can do irreparable harm to your tires. 

You must remember that different driving conditions require different types of treatments and care for tires if you wish to keep them safer and performance-packed. The people who often visit hill areas need to choose a different set of tires as per their needs. 


7. Don’t overload your vehicle

You must go through the manual as far as the loading limits are concerned. People often load their vehicles randomly to damage both their tires as well as overall performance. Overloading your vehicle not only lays unnecessary stress upon the tires but also other important components slowing down its performance. Overloading many times becomes the cause of various fatal road accidents.


Concluding Remarks 

You might take pride in having the costliest vehicles while flaunting their power-packed performance, but all this is possible only when your tires are in excellent condition. Even the tires bought from the best two wheeler tire company in India come with a user manual that contains crucial information regarding the tire safety and their proper maintenance. 

After all, taking care of the tires is not rocket science and with some small efforts and awareness, you can keep them always in good condition. You must always remember that tires are the only medium between you and the road on which they run, and therefore they also need your considerations like other crucial components of your vehicle. What you need is just a little awareness of the health, safety, and maintenance of your tires, and they will give you no hassles at all.