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3 Most Problematic Occurrences with Scooter Tyres You Must Know
3 Most Problematic Occurrences with Scooter Tyres You Must Know

3 Most Problematic Occurrences with Scooter Tyres You Must Know

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Tires are the only medium of contact between your vehicle and the road. And, thus there is a strong likelihood that some of the most common problems that you face during your rides might be caused by tires and the associated issues with them.

Getting aware of the tire problems is necessary because when there is a serious issue with your tires, your entire journey comes to an immediate halt. The earlier you come to know the issues, the better and safe ride you will have.

This blog sheds light on some of the most common problems which vehicle owners often face while riding. It will also suggest some remedial measures to make things smoother. 


1. Over inflation

Be it a bike tire or bicycle tire, over inflation is one of the most common problems with all of them including the scooter tubeless tyre. As a responsible bike or cycle owner, you need to understand that overinflated tires will never perform as per your expectations.

The more you inflate your tires, the more incapable they will be in gripping the road. Road grip is something that helps you maintain the right kind of balance on the road while allowing the tread to get a better grip. What’s more, unnecessary air pressure in the tire creates additional stress over the structure of the tire shortening its lifespan.  

Now the question arises – how can you make sure that your tires are overinflated? The best way to ensure is by looking at the pattern of their wear. See whether they are wearing down in the central part.

If you find it positive, then it simply means your tires urgently need some air let-out. You can do this experiment with all types of tires including conventional ones and the tubeless tyre for scooter and other kinds of bikes. 


2. Under inflation

Just like over inflation, under inflation can also be a problem with tires, be it the conventional ones or scooter tubeless tyres. Various recently concluded researches have indicated that more than 60% of domestic vehicles including motorcycles, bikes, scooters, and e-bikes have lower air pressure inside the tires.

Only 40% of vehicle owners were found to adhere to the prescribed standards. Under inflation is one of the leading causes of sudden tire failure regardless of the nature of the vehicle. 

Low air pressure simply means that much of the physical part of the tires would get into contact with the road increasing friction at an alarming rate. It will also decrease the overall life span of your tires. Here what matters most is the balance that you need to create between underinflated and overinflated tires.

What happens is that any tire does not give you a feel of flatness until it is heavily underinflated. Therefore, it is necessary to always follow the user manual that almost all the top manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality tires in India provide to their customers while they buy tubeless tyre for scooter

Some most common problems that underinflated tires can create:

  • Underinflated tires always increase rolling resistance
  • They increase fuel consumption because the engine has to work harder because of the rolling resistance
  • Underinflated tires cause uneven tread wear making them wear faster, particularly on the edges
  • The overall braking performance of a vehicle also gets drastically affected by under inflation
  • Underinflated tires also increase the risk of under-steering that often becomes the most common cause of so many unfortunate crashes and collisions
  • The tires in an underinflate state are also responsible not only for poor handling but also create difficulty in precise and smooth maneuvering
  • In an underinflated state, tires are always more prone to developing more general wear and tear
  • Underinflated tires are at an increased risk of sudden punctures. 

Thus, you can conclude that appropriate air pressure is one of the most important parts of tires, be it a conventional one or a tubeless tyre for scooter. As a responsible rider or vehicle owner, you always need to make sure that they have proper air pressure.

You must feel concerned over this issue and do regular monitoring for proper inflation or deflation. These days, there are some cost-effective instruments available in the open market which you can buy to carry out the job at home without anybody’s help.  


3. Cracking and bulging

Cracking and bulging have been identified as the most common problems with tires, be it the standard ones or a high-quality tubeless tyre for scooter. When your vehicle hits a pothole, cracking and bulging appear immediately. It results in a drastic impact and substantial cracks in the sidewalls of the tires.

In case your tires are either overinflated or underinflated, then you will be confronting this problem so often. You need to take this problem seriously because when such things occur more often, there is no way left other than immediate replacement as far as the fixing of cracking and bulging is concerned. 

Cracking and bulging also indicate that the tires in your vehicle have got older calling for an immediate need for replacement. As far as the avoidance to the potholes hitting is concerned, various times the things concerning this are not within the control of the driver or rider.

Things happen on the roads as they are, and riders fall prey to them. However, careful and conscious driving can help you avoid cracking and bulging of the tire to a large extent. 

Concluding Remarks

Metro Tyres is one of the leading tyre manufacturing company of supreme quality tubeless tyre for scooter in India. Treading the high road of excellence for nearly 50 years, Metro Tyres has emerged as the most reliable name in its niche segment of bicycle tires and tubes.

The company is a USD 140 Million conglomerate with 7 state-of-the-art manufacturing units, a presence across 53+ countries and 10,000+ dealers’ strength across India.

What powers this dynamic corporation includes an in-depth understanding of the contemporary tire market, perseverance, values, steadfast performance, extreme quality consciousness, and competitive pricing.


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