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What is NyloGrip Tyres?
What is NyloGrip Tyres?

What is NyloGrip Tyres?

Nylogrip Tyres

Nylogrip Tyres are one of the most highly advanced types of tyres that leverages the new polymer technology of the market to provide you with the best power grip on the roads of every terrain. We have been manufacturing these types of tyres to offer reliability to our customers and the confidence of steady grip from straight roads to bumpy ones.

The tyres are created using the long-mileage process to ensure that there is low wear and tear for a long time. Furthermore, we are aiming for better traction and support for the vehicle as well which means better street power.

The Tyre Options of NyloGrip

The NyloGrip comes in two options – Tube and Tubeless which allow the owners to choose from. Not all two-wheelers are built the same and thus, we focus on creating Nylogrip Zapper which is aimed at bikes, scooters, and bicycles.

It gives precise support to the vehicle and the confidence one needs to keep control at hand around the corners on every type of road. The aggressive grip of these tyres claws into the roads to help in a better manoeuvre over the gravel-ridden roads.

The Tube and Tubeless options fit the right bike and scooter perfectly. As more tubeless compatible vehicles are coming out, we are expanding our designs of Nylogrip to fit the growing market needs.

Where Can these Tyres Help?

Nylogrip by Metro Tyres are all-purpose tyres which provide the right blend of grip, durability, and performance to vehicle owners on the road. These further help with the longevity of the tyres which makes them low maintenance. Along with that, there is the quotient of better grip with deeper treads which further makes it easy to run through the tough terrains smoothly.

Adding to it all is the factor of cost-efficiency and affordability. The Nylogrip tyres are manufactured with high sustainability aspects making them a better choice for our customers. Furthermore, the the product is highly cost-efficient as it offers better life through less wear and tear. One can further extend its life and efficiency by taking up cleaning and regular air check. It will keep the tyres in good shape and help you to maximize their capabilities as well.


Tyres Indeed are the most crucial part of your vehicle. The usability and efficiency of the tyres can maximize your vehicle’s performance and minimize your maintenance cost. Therefore, the Nylogrip is aimed to provide what you need on the roads and give efficient support to your vehicle.

No matter whether you have a bike, scooter, or bicycle, the Nylogrip range covers all of these two-wheelers and makes it a great choice. We are keeping up with the new changes in the tyre industry and this product is one of the new-day tyres that you will love.

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