Bicycle Tyres



Powering your spirit of adventure, MTB or Mountain Bicycle Tyres are specifically designed for off roading. Even as mountain cycling catches on as an adventure sport in India, Metro, India’ best MTB cycle tyre manufacturer, has just the product to provide that extra safety and speed on those stiff climbs and scary downhills.

Aware that Wheel Size and tyre width play an important role in the MTB category, Metro Tyres has developed best in class products to suit your bicycle. Metro’s MTB tyres are known for their Low Rolling Resistance. The raised knobs on our MTB tyres are designed to dig into loose material and provide grip on all terrains.



Interested in bicycling as a sport and cycle racing? Enamoured by bicycling stunts? You need BMX tyres on your cycle. Like its tyres meant for mountain bikes, Metro’s BMX tyres are designed to work in extremely demanding conditions.

Acclaimed as India’s best BMX cycle tyre manufacturers, this product category of tough, sports worthy tyres at Metro Tyres promises excellent speed and robustness.




If cycling be the ultimate answer to good living in cities that aspire to be free of vehicular pollution and traffic snarls, then appropriate city bicycle tyres are the need of the hour. Suitably called roadster, this is a range of city tyres meant for everyday use in the contemporary urban scape. The city tyres made by Metro, the best city bike tyre manufacturer in India, offer good traction in Indian road conditions.

Over the years, the long life and reliability of our city tyres has translated into large sales volumes across the country and worldwide. The superior technology and specs of these products have also earned Metro the reputation of being among the best tyre manufacturer in the world.