Ever Evolving & in Sync

Innovation and R&D that constantly responds to market demands is part of the process at Metro Tyres. Our commitment to quality and modern, innovative goods shows up in all our product lines.

The year 1977. Metro Group established its chain plant that produces an entire range of bicycle chains sold under premium brand names - METRO, VELO and ORTEM. With an installed capacity of 7.5 million chains per annum, presently we manufacture single speed, multi speed and heavy duty cycle chains. With constant research and quality upgradation in the products, we have successfully staved off competition both from domestic and overseas manufacturers and our chain plant has earned the distinction of being the leader in its field in the organized sector.


We proudly supply our chains to almost all bicycle manufacturers in India. They are sold in India through the Group’s countrywide network and exported to many countries around the globe. Recently, Metro has launched anti-rust chains which can pass the salt spray test for over 400 hours.

Committed to improving the quality of our products as well as to continuously introducing new and better products in the market, Metro Tyres invests significantly in cultivating talented technical people to power innovations in its production processes and its products.