Metro Tyres is the leading name in the field of 2-wheeler tyre manufacturers in India. The company has set new benchmarks in the domain and has crafted excellence with innovative R&D owing to which it has manufactured tyres that are a class apart. The best bike tyre company in India, Metro Tyres outdoes its own collection of tyres with its ground-breaking modern designs for two wheeler high performance tyre. Crafting high performance tyres with excellent ground grip in dry and wet conditions, Metro Tyres' collection of tyres offers extra stability during turning and cornering. As the best tyre manufacturers in India, Metro Tyres has set wholly new standards with the best-wet grip tyres for bikes in India that even the most competitive names in the industry have had trouble matching.

Metro Tyres are:

  • Ultra-Sophisticated
  • Highly durable
  • High-mileage

Metro Tyres' collection of tyres is unmatched in terms of quality and style and provides excellent all round, hassle-free performance. Each two-wheeler high mileage tyre offers brilliant load-carrying capacity, a high degree of comfort, straight-line stability and precise cornering qualities. Our tyres come in both tube and tubeless styles. Our wide collection offers Radial tyres for rear and front positioning that make your bike, scooter, or bicycle perfect for mountain biking so you can brave the stiff climbs, steep passages and scary downhills with confidence, class and vigour. You will find the right tyre for your everyday needs with Metro Tyres' broad selection of bike tyres.

We cover multiple verticals under our two-wheeler range of products and thus we put extra effort into the manufacturing of these tyres. We ensure that the high-mileage tires that we create are offering longevity to every customer as we understand that there is a need for sustainability and efficiency in the market right now. We are developing a highly-precise range of products using the industry’s best practices and gaining the latest polymer knowledge.

Our high performance tyres are a result of years of experience and technological advancements which led us to create the polymer which adds durability, mileage, and traction to it. Be it bikes, scooters, or bicycles, we give utmost importance to the type of product the industry needs currently. With the information in our minds, we offer both tubed and tubeless options in every segment.

Other than that, these are grip tyres which are aimed to provide superior grip on every road condition. We respect our customer’s loyalty and thus, we manufacture heavy gripping radial tyres which also keep the mileage and performance intact. Our options ensure that our customers get the product of their choice and have reliability for a long time. Effective traction is one of the few areas where our expertise lies and we excel in the same.

The high mileage tires are another option which falls under the same two-wheeler section. All of our tyres make use of radial alignment which ensures that these tyres go on and on for a long duration. We are ensuring a perfect blend between all the features and benefits of the tyres for two-wheeler vehicle owners. The range of products is immense and thus, it will be easy for you to find the compatible tyre for your vehicle.

We have further divided the tyre sections into the type of vehicle which will help you to find the right one quickly. You can also find the right features when you explore the product further helping you to take note of the type of tyre as well. Explore our range of grip tyres that has the sophistication you need, durability and a high longevity factor


Which is the best grip tyre for a two-wheeler?

There is a massive range of two-wheeler tyres that provide an excellent traction on every type of road. So, with all the types of tyres, it is pretty much non-feasible to provide one name that offers the right grip for the two-wheelers. Moreover, the two-wheeler department is made up of three different types of two-wheelers which require a different set of features. Therefore, our grip tyres also differ from each other. It ensures that the tyre fits perfectly with the vehicle of your choice.

Which tubeless (puncture safe) tyre is good for two wheelers?

There are many different tyres which offer a puncture-safe solution to the vehicle. In other words, the range of these tubeless tyres is divided according to the type of vehicle you have. For example, bike tyres have a bigger diameter and thickness as compared to bicycle tyres which are thin yet big. The scooter tyres on the other hand are small but thicker than the bicycle tyres. So every two-wheeler has a different requirement and hence, we provide high performance tyres which also has puncture-safe features for every type of two-wheelers in the market.

How to choose high mileage tyre for two wheelers?

It is simple to choose the right tyre for your two-wheeler. You just need to minimize your search with the type of vehicle, the brand, and the tyre needs and you are almost there. Further, if you want to get a clearer idea about the tyre of your choice, then learn the features of the product in detail. It will help you to make a better choice according to its type, tread, and mileage quotient. Our high mileage tires are also the one that provides you with the support you need to make your rides more efficient.