Two Wheeler Tyre Manufacturers

Metro Tyres is the leading name in the field of 2-wheeler tyre manufacturers in India. The company has set new benchmarks in the domain and has crafted excellence with innovative R&D owing to which it has manufactured tyres that are a class apart. The best bike tyre company in India, Metro Tyres outdoes its own collection of tyres with its ground-breaking modern designs for two wheeler high performance tyre. Crafting high performance tyres with excellent ground grip in dry and wet conditions, Metro Tyres collection of tyres offers extra stability during turning and cornering. As the best tyre manufacturers in India, Metro Tyres has set wholly new standards with the best wet grip tyres for bike India that even the most competitive names in the industry have had trouble matching with. 

Metro Tyres are:

  • Ultra-Sophisticated
  • Highly durable
  • High-mileage

Metro Tyres collection of tyres is unmatched in terms of quality and style and provides excellent all round, hassle-free performance. Each two wheeler high mileage tyre offers brilliant load carrying capacity, high degree of comfort, straight line stability and precise cornering qualities. Our tyres come in both tube and tubeless styles. Our wide collection offers Radial tyres for rear and front positioning that make your bike, scooter, bicycle perfect for mountain biking so you can brave the stiff climbs, steep passages and scary downhills with confidence, class and vigor. You will find the right tyre for your everyday needs with Metro Tyres broad selection of bike tyres.