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Guide to Buy the Right Tyre From Best Tyre Manufacturers
Guide to Buy the Right Tyre From Best Tyre Manufacturers

Guide to Buy the Right Tyre From Best Tyre Manufacturers

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Driving, rallying, and racing are just a few of the things we may do with our automobiles. However, tyres, like legs, are required for automobile mobility. A car may have a powerful engine, a four-wheel-drive transmission, and a stunning design, but if your vehicle doesn’t have adequate tyres, it won’t go far! Tyres are the most overlooked crucial part of an automobile, largely because they are included with the vehicle and are not given much thought until they are damaged or it is time to replace them. Tyre Manufacturer in India ensures that every part of the tyre is done with perfection.

It’s worth noting that your vehicle is intended to run on certain tyres, and simply fitting any tyre will not work. We now look into different aspects and guide to buy the right tyre for your car:

Get to know about your Tyres

Before you go out to buy a tyre for your automobile, familiarise yourself with the options. Your car tyre contains a wealth of information that you should be aware of; those numbers aren’t just for factory purposes; they also provide you with comprehensive information about the tyre.

Tube and Tubeless

When choosing between tubeless and tube-type tyres, tubeless tyres should be your choice because they are far more advanced and safer than tube-type tyres. In addition, they have a number of other advantages. Furthermore, tubeless tyres do not require alloy wheels to be installed. Your steel wheels, which are rust-free and have an anti-rust coating on the inside, will also work well with them. In many of the modern cars, you will find tubeless tyres. Professional tyre manufacturers in India offer tubeless tyres that come with modern features.

Selecting The Tyre Size

When purchasing new tyres, the size should be taken into consideration. And you’ll need to know how to read a tyre size for that. It is usually mentioned on the sidewall of a tyre and is depicted in a uniform fashion. The tread width of the tyre is 195 (mm). The percentage of the tread width that contributes to the sidewall height is 55 (percent). The radial construction of the tyre is denoted by the letter R. The diameter of the wheel is 16 (inches). The number 87 relates to the tyre’s load index. The tyre’s speed rating is denoted by the letter V.

There are different Tyre Sizes

  • Rim Size

When picking a tyre, keep in mind that the size of the tyre must match the size of the rim on which it will be installed. If your rim is larger than your tyre, the height of the sidewall will be reduced, which will affect the ride and handling of your car.

  • Tread width

You should choose your tread width carefully because it affects your comfort and car’s performance while on the road. Tread width is determined by your driving style and, of course, the car you are driving. Tread width is determined by your driving style and, of course, the car you are driving.

You can choose a wider tread if your automobile produces a lot of power, if you frequently maintain high speeds when cornering, or if you want your car to have a fashionable and sturdy appearance. If you want to optimise your fuel consumption, keep your steering light, or drive your car in city traffic frequently, you should avoid a broader tread.

  • Sidewall Height

After you’ve determined the correct rim size and tread width, the following step is to choose a sidewall height that will help maintain the overall size of the new tyre comparable to that of your previous tyres.

  • Tread Pattern

Another crucial duty is selecting the tread pattern for your tyres. The tread pattern of a tyre is crucial to your overall driving experience since it determines how well your automobile performs in various weather situations. When you’re driving through a flooded region, they’re in charge of channelling the water away.

Three Types of Tread Pattern

1. Conventional Tread

It is by far the most popular tread pattern. It can be used in both directions and installed on the wheel in either direction because it does not have a unidirectional or asymmetric design. These tyres are excellent at directing water away from the vehicle while driving through flooded areas. While doing so, it also reduces tyre noise.

2. Uni-Directional Tread

When Uni-directional tread patterns are rotated in a single direction, they operate best. These tyres will feature an arrow mark on the sidewalls indicating which direction the tyre should be rotated in.

3. Asymmetric Tread

Tyres carrying asymmetric tread patterns typically have two sidewalls, one on the outside and one on the interior. The one on the outside faces the road, while the one on the inside faces the automobile. On the sidewalls, there will be a marking indicating which side should face the road and which should face the automobile. This tread pattern is beneficial for high-speed cornering.

Few More Things to Consider when Buying from Best Tyre Manufacturer

Reputation of Manufacture

Purchasing tyres from a reputable manufacturer makes a significant impact in the overall situation. You should consider other people’s opinions and conduct your own research on the manufacturing process. Renowned tyre manufacturers have state-of-the-art production facilities and use higher-quality materials to produce high-quality products.

Manufacturer’s date

When purchasing a tyre, always be sure to verify the date of manufacture on the sidewall. It’s a four-digit DOT code with the first two digits indicating the week and the last two digits indicating the year of manufacture. It is not advisable to purchase a tyre that is more than 6 months old.


Besides the above-mentioned pointers, there are tyres designed for certain weather and terrain conditions. Snow tyres, for example, feature deeper grooves and spikes to help with grip while driving in the snow. You will, however, need to replace them once summer arrives. Off-road tyres, for example, have large blocks in the tread design to aid with grip while overcoming obstacles. They’re fine for off-roading, but if you’re going to be on the road, you should get them changed. Connect with the leading tyre manufacturer in India to buy the best tyre for your car.

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